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The 2018 Zhengzhou Airshow
Date:2018/6/6 Hits:

🌎The 2018 Zhengzhou Airshow🌎 was opened on the 27th at Zhengzhou Shangjie Airport. At this air show, pilots and exhibitors from 37 countries and regions, including the United Kingdom, Italy, and Australia, took part in the exhibition. The spectacular airshow attracted the attention of tens of thousands of professional visitors.

Nearly 100 pilots around the world participated the show, and many pilots are world record holders. CarolAnn Garratt, who has completed three rounds flying around the world, holds a world record of flying around the world in 8 days and a half! Dean Stahr, the oldest world record holder, flew around the globe at the age of 82 and he is now 95 years old. James Tan, the youngest world record holder of flying, has completed flying around the world at the age of 21.

In the press conference, fluently, a teenager reporter asked a question in English. "What is the most difficult problem encountered in the world flying? What makes you the global pilot to persist in your difficult times to complete your trip ?" Mr. John Giddens from the United Kingdom answered her question. He said:" A comprehensive plan is the most important. The most difficult time for flying around the world is when the plan cannot be implemented due to changes in the actual situation. But careful planning and arrangements could adopt various emergencies. Of course, the love to flying is essential throughout the entire process!"

John has vividly explained the key point of a flying journey. Enjoying flying and enjoying the freedom would bring pilots irreplaceable charm.