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The 10th Earthrounders Meeting in Zhengzhou
Date:2018/6/6 Hits:

The Global Pilots Association is an internationally recognized agency for recording and preserving global flights. It also hosts the Earthgrounders Meeting every two years. The 10th Earthrounders Meeting will take place in Zhengzhou, Province of Henan, China, during the Zhengzhou annual AirShow.

The 2018 Zhengzhou Airshow will be run from April 27 to May 1 at Shangjie Airport in Zhengzhou. There will be 9 aerobatic performance teams performing airshows, at the same time, the first night-flight-show in Asia will be staged.

2018 Zhengzhou Airshow includes four sections: Asia-Pacific Aviation Exhibition, the High-End Forum of China Navigation, the Central Plains Flying Conference and the World Aerobics Annual Team Awards Ceremony, as well as other aviation sports performances, such as paramotors, hot-air balloons, skydiving, and series of supporting activities. Chen Hao, the first Chinese who completed the global flight, as the chairman of the 10th Earthgrounders Meeting, welcomed nearly 100 global pilots from more than 20 countries to gather in Zhengzhou to enjoy the flight event.

During the meeting, the youngest global flyers, the first global flyer, the holder of the speed record, and the pilot who pilots the smallest aircraft will carry the dream of flying together in Zhengzhou. Other Global pilots will also arrive in Zhengzhou to spread the aviation spirit and carry the aviation culture forward, which brings up the highlights of the Zhengzhou Airshow.